August 1, 2012

Rice Crackers Glass Puzzle

Recently the folks at Puzzle Master were kind enough to send me a copy of Rice Crackers Glass Puzzle to review. Thanks!

Rice Crackers is part of a series of glass puzzles originally produced by Toyo Glass and recently re-issued by Beverly Enterprises. They are likely designed at least in part by Nob Yoshigahara since it is labeled as part of the "Nob Collection". The rest of the packaging is in Japanese, so I couldn't tell much more than that!

As with all the puzzles in the series, the idea is to try to put the food inside the glass container. This one is the easiest of the group by a fair margin, since there are only 7 pieces, and it is fairly clear when you start to get them in the correct orientation. I've given this one to a number of non-puzzlers, and they all were able to get it figured out with a little bit of persistence! Puzzle Master rates it a 7 out of 10, which I'd say is slightly high: a 6 may be more appropriate.

I had a good time solving this one, you have to take a good look at the pieces to see how they might fit together, and it is pretty satisfying when you find the right match. They are warped in such a way so that two wrong pieces may fit together somewhat, but the proper piece will fit particularly nicely.

The food theme is fun, though this particular food will be pretty unrecognizable to most folks outside of Japan. The only downside to this one is that it is pretty easy, serious puzzlers may want to skip this one and choose one of the harder ones, but it will still keep you busy for a good 5-10 minutes. Overall, Rice Crackers Glass Puzzle is a good, simple packing puzzle. For another review, check out Gabriel's blog here.

Sorry for the recent lack of posts: once I got out of the habit of posting regularly, it was easy to just keep on slacking off. However, I've got a decent backlog of puzzles I'd like to get through before IPP, so stay tuned for more! Up next, I'll be posting about a particularly awesome puzzle from my favorite puzzle box craftsman.

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  1. BTP: Glad to see you've returned from your sabbatical. Look forward to future posts. SDP


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