August 3, 2012

Beer Glass Puzzle

Beer Glass Puzzle  is the next in a series of glass puzzles that the folks at Puzzle Master were kind enough to send me. Thanks! Check out the full set at Puzzle Master here.

The object of this puzzle is to dump out all the pieces and put them back in such that you are able to rest the foam back on top nicely. All of the beer pieces will form a nice level surface on which the foam can fit.

There is a single piece down at the base that has five steps at different levels, and each of the ten beer pieces has a certain height. So you need to figure out which combinations of pieces go on which of the base steps in order for the entire glass to be level. Simple, eh?

Well, if you just start randomly trying things, you'll be able to keep things level for a bit but soon you will run out of pieces that are the correct size and run into issues. A more methodical may be better here, which is what I ended up doing after floundering for a bit.

There are only 10 pieces (excluding the base piece and foam piece), so it isn't particularly difficult. I do agree that it is more difficult than Rice Crackers which I reviewed earlier, but not by a whole lot. I think it took me about 15 minutes to figure this one out.

I liked the translucence of the pieces and the fact that this glass vessel had a more unique shape than the others. As a puzzle, it is nice because you can figure it out with a logical approach within a reasonable amount of time. Overall, I would say Beer Glass Puzzle is worth checking out if you're into puzzles of this type!


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