August 7, 2012

Plums Glass Puzzle

Plums Glass Puzzle is the next in a series of glass puzzles that the folks at Puzzle Master were kind enough to send me. Thanks! Check out the full set at Puzzle Master here.

The goal of this puzzle is to neatly pack the plums neatly into the glass container. The cool thing about this puzzle is that it makes good use of the shape of the container: each plum has a unique shape as if they had been real plums that were crammed into a glass container. Some people might be a bit grossed out by the plums, they do look a bit like small organs of some sort.

You can see two little protrusions from the glass container: these make it a bit easier to figure out where to start and also keep the assembly from spinning around the container while you put it together.

I liked this one because it had a pretty logical way of fitting together and it was fairly clear when you had the fit correct. The beginning is a bit tough, but once you get a few pieces in place it becomes much easier. This contrasts with Beans Glass Puzzle (which I will review soon), which didn't fit nearly as nicely and was therefore much more difficult. I think this one is similar in difficulty to the Beer Glass Puzzle, both of which are doable in 10-20 minutes or so.

Overall, Plums Glass Puzzle is a fun little puzzle that probably makes a better use of the actual glass container than any of the other puzzles in the series. Worth checking out if you think you might enjoy this type of assembly puzzle and don't mind pieces that look a bit like chicken livers!


  1. That would make a great Halloween puzzle. It really does look rather meaty.

  2. Hah, maybe they could do a whole series of gory packing puzzles.


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