March 29, 2011

Puzzle Master Trick Lock #5

Trick Lock #5 is the fifth in a series of five puzzle locks by Puzzle Master that they sent me to review (excluding #2 which is out of stock). Thanks, Puzzle Master! Check out the first three posts (#1, #3, #4) if you're just joining us: #1 has details on the series from a quality perspective, though I'll also be touching on that a bit here.

Trick Lock #5 has a gold bird of some sort on the face of the lock. In photos, the red mark looks like a jewel, but it appears to be a dollop of paint, which I didn't much care for. I did like the bird itself though!

It didn't take me long to solve this one, though it took a bit of fiddling afterwards to figure out precisely what I had done. There is a bit of a subtlety that I liked, that I think many may miss at first. Similar to #3, it is possible that people will miss this subtlety and not properly reset the lock to its starting position. In terms of difficulty, it is on par with #3. Most people should be able to figure this out within 3-5 minutes, maybe a bit more if this isn't their cup of tea.

Due to the aforementioned subtlety, I think this is probably my second favorite after #4. I still like #4 because it is a bit more challenging, there's just slightly more to it than there is to the others, which I enjoyed.

I brought the whole series to a party this weekend to verify my evaluation of the difficulty and to get people's thoughts on it, and generally they agreed with my ranking. #4 stumped the most people, but folks were generally able to solve the others if they spent a bit of time with them. I got a few "that's all?" reactions about #1, since the solution is fairly straightforward, though some folks with less patience had trouble with it still.

Overall, I had a good time with this series, though I don't think I personally would have bought the whole set. The price point ($30) feels a bit high given the quality and the amount of time they took me to solve. If you really like this type of puzzle, go for it, but I wouldn't put the whole set on my 'must buy' list. I did think Trick Lock #4 was quite good though, since it is a bit more challenging and has a bit more depth to it.

Thanks again to Puzzle Master for making this series of puzzle reviews possible!


  1. This one with the gold bird looks nice compared to puzzle master trick lock #1.
    Thanks for the review.


  2. Caro, indeed, the bird does look nice! Glad you enjoyed the review.


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