March 25, 2011

Puzzle Master Trick Lock #3

Trick Lock #3 is the third in a series of five puzzle locks by Puzzle Master that they sent me to review (excluding #2 which is out of stock). Thanks Puzzle Master! If you're just joining us, check out the first post in the series for general information on the quality of this series of puzzles, so you don't have to keep reading similar details.

I liked the look of this lock (and the others) a bit more than #1, because it has a distinctive face. This one has a flower on the front that reminds me of fire. Not bad!

I didn't find this to be particularly challenging, though I would say that it may be slightly harder than #1. Similar to #1, it takes two steps to open, but the second step on #3 is a bit better disguised.

One downside to this one is that it is moderately likely that somebody will open it and not know exactly what they did. If this is the case, they may not know how to completely reset the puzzle to its starting position (and not know that it isn't at the starting position). Not a huge problem, but so that is something to watch out for if you are passing this one around.

Overall a solid puzzle lock. I'll do a wrap up of the whole series at the end, so hang in there for that. Next up, I'll write about #4.

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