September 1, 2017

Ali's Bolt

I've seen a fair number of bolt puzzles, and tend to enjoy them. It is always interesting to see what ideas people can come up with that fit a similar form factor. Typically, there is a bolt and some number of nuts/washers, with the goal to take it apart and put it back together.

Ali's Bolt, designed and produced by Ali Morris, just has a single nut and it doesn't want  to turn. The solution ended up being quite unique and pretty surprising. I would say it is reasonably challenging, but doable. I  think it only took me a few minutes, but could easily have taken longer if I wasn't all warmed up from a full weekend of puzzling at RPP!

Check out Jerry's review of this puzzle here. This concludes my series of entries about some of my favorite puzzles from RPP. Next up, I'll probably be writing about some puzzles I got at IPP this year!

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