August 24, 2017


This is another new box I spotted in Jeff's collection at RPP. It is from a new Karakuri Creation Group craftsman named Yasuaki Kikuchi.

As a puzzle, this one isn't particularly challenging, but it has a couple of interesting things going on. There is a nice visual change as you solve the puzzle and there's a surprise at the end. I think most folks will solve this in a minute or two.

At the time I'm writing this, the box is still available directly from KCG. I didn't get a copy since the price is a bit high, but I enjoyed solving it.

Kikuchi didn't have a Christmas present available this year, but hopefully he will next year! I'm only getting four this year (Kamei, Iwahara, Kawashima, and Hoshino), since Miyamoto isn't doing a gift this year and and Tajima isn't in KCG anymore. So I need to add some people to my list!

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