October 18, 2011

Puzzle Chest Box

Puzzle Chest Box is Creative Crafthouse's version of the classic Moroccan puzzle box. The folks at Creative Crafthouse were kind enough to send me a copy to review. Thanks!

This is quite a popular design and is frequently available in trinket markets in various countries, though the quality varies and the design may differ somewhat. The main thing that they have in common is that there is a hidden keyhole and a hidden key, and you need to find both to open the box! Sort of a simple sequential discovery puzzle if you will. I didn't actually have one of these boxes in my collection yet, so I was quite interested in checking out Creative Crafthouse's version.

It is a good sized box, measuring about 5 3/4" x 4 1/8" x 3 5/8" with a generously sized space inside. The wood is listed as "Raintree hardwood" and has a pretty good grain and finish. Other versions that I have seen online are made of Thuya wood, which seems to have a nicer appearance, though I haven't seen these in person. Jeff Chiou blogged about a Thuya wood version of this design here, which I think looks quite nice. The top and bottom panels are made to look like books, with the vertical pieces looking somewhat like the spines of smaller books.

This one actually took me a bit longer than I expected to solve, though it still probably only took me about 5 minutes. The first move was quite loose, so that move sort of happened on its own while manipulating the box. The second move was pretty easy, but then I got a bit stuck. My attention was focused on a particular area of the box based on a few clues, but it took me a little while to find it. This move was a bit tight at first, but it has loosened up. The last move (other than using the key) was pretty straightforward.

Overall, a fun little puzzle to solve due to the sequential discovery nature of the solution. I haven't tried showing it to anybody yet, but I'd imagine they'll enjoy it. It could take somebody less experienced with puzzles a bit longer, probably in the 10-20 minute range, so challenging but not impossible.

The folks at Creative Crafthouse have posted a video describing the box, with the solution towards the end (he warns you before showing the solution).

Overall, Puzzle Chest Box is a nice little puzzle box for a good price ($43 from Creative Crafthouse). I'm glad to finally have a Moroccan puzzle box in my collection!

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