February 26, 2011

Australian Flood Relief Fundraiser

Just wanted to announce a special puzzle auction at Puzzle Paradise that is running through March 12th for the purpose of providing disaster relief to Australia. 

Australia's Great Barrier Reef was recently hit by brutal flooding that wiped out many low laying communities. Those who survived were again hit with extensive damage from Cyclone Yasi the following week. The entire region is in a very desperate state, with very little in the form of relief from the government or even insurance because the majority of damage is due to flooding.

Puzzle craftsman and collector Dave Cooper was caught in the thick of it and has received substantial damage to his home and community. His job as a police officer puts him in the perfect position to help out those who are in the most desperate of needs, and any spare time off duty has also been spent out with a chainsaw helping to clean up debris.

Unfortunately, Dave has been hindered in the amount of aid he can provide due to his own home and family being affected by this crisis. All proceeds from this auction will be going primarily to Dave Cooper to provide him with the bare essentials necessary for him to focus on a community that desperately needs his service without him having to continually address the concerns of his own family’s needs. Excess funds will be given to his community in whatever way that Dave feels would best provide the most relief.

There are some incredible puzzles listed at the auction, including puzzles by Robert "Stickman" Yarger, Stephen Chin, the Pelikan Workshop, and more! Items were generously donated by members of the puzzle community.

All the money is going to a very worthy cause, so bid generously!

If you have any puzzles to spare in this effort, their contribution would be greatly appreciated. Pictures and descriptions of such puzzles can be e-mailed to John Devost at johnandbarb@eastlink.ca and will be applied in your name to this auction. To make things easier to process, those willing and generous enough to part with any of their puzzles for this cause should also consider absorbing the shipping costs to the highest bidder, or at least make arrangements to receive a separate payment for shipping costs. 

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