November 2, 2009

Legend of the King

In the next entry about my experience solving (or trying to solve) the Sacred Myths and Legends series of puzzles, I'll be writing about the next puzzle in the series: Legend of the King. This is the third puzzle in the series, and at this point I was starting to question whether or not buying the whole series was a good idea, but I continued optimistic that it could improve.

This puzzle resembles a tower, with two sets of rods passing through the tower. At the top is an obelisk structure, and at the bottom is a drawer that is initially locked in place. The task is to remove the drawer, but of course, with the Sacred Myths and Legends series, there is a "clue" in the instructions:
A piercing dragon leads the way
as the jewels beneath the tower
shine upon the trail
Poetic, isn't it? Well I had absolutely no idea what that was supposed to mean, but perhaps it would make some sense when I had solved the puzzle. So next I set myself to the task of figuring the puzzle out.

After toying with it for a minute, I thought that I had a pretty good understanding of how it worked and had a plan of action. Several minutes later, I had solved it and the drawer was released. Supposedly, something from The Equation was supposed to be helpful when solving Legend of the King, but I didn't really see how it could be any easier.  While somebody new to puzzles might have a slightly harder time with it, I don't think somebody familiar with take-apart puzzles would find this much of a challenge at all, which was a bit disappointing.

The solving process that I used was almost identical to DaVinci's Secret, so if you're just going for the mechanism alone, I think just getting one would be sufficient and DaVinci's Secret is better constructed. If you can solve one, you can probably figure out how to solve the other pretty easily.

Now that I had unlocked the mysteries contained in the Legend of the King, I took a look at what was there. There was a scroll, which, as always, contained two hints. I couldn't make any sense of either of them, as usual, which was a bit frustrating.

I sort of understand what they are referencing to some extent, but not enough to lead me to any conclusions that are useful in any way. Oh well! This was starting to be a pattern! I hoped that maybe once I finished the series things would start to make sense.

Tomorrow, I'll write about the fourth puzzle in the Sacred Myths and Legends series, The Enigmatic Temple.


  1. Is this puzzle suppose to come all the way apart? or just enough to allow the drawer to slip out

  2. Nope! Just the drawer opens. Congrats on solving it!


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